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Google Leather Cases

Popular for its various design options, Google makes a contribution to the modern style with its leather case designs. Design delicacy and simplicity are its prominent features. The product, which has elegant stitch finishes, is easily carried in a pocket.

The cases produced exclusively for Google mobile phones cannot be used with other phones. Products made of full grain leather are eye-catching with their style and colors. Quality standards are high in products with unique handcrafting. Thanks to its top quality, you can use it for many years and be content with it since it won’t get worn out.

Google Leather Cases

Products made of cowhide leather are compatible with your mobile phone with no requirements for additional tools. The extraordinary craftsmanship is also exhibited in the cutting details. The holes for the charger and headphone cables are properly and delicately placed. Elegant stitches are outstanding features of the product design.

The materials for leather cases have antibacterial qualities to prevent virus and bacteria formation. Disinfection process with UV light provide Google leather case products with a protection layer. You will have the comfort of using your Google phone in any environment without worrying about hygiene.

Google Leather Case Models

Google leather cases’ extraordinary craftsmanship has been gained through years of experience. Details from unique craftsmanship are clearly visible on Google leather case products. They also allow you to make combinations that are matching with your outfit with different color options.

The product’s refined design elements and high functionality are proof for the quality of the leather material it is made of. The combination of the classical looks and the know-how coming from tradition results in the diversity of product models. It also yields different details, while the use of premium handmade details contribute to the lifespan of the product.

Our products provide superior protection for your smartphones against external factors, scratches, dust, etc. In addition, RFID Blocking shield, which prevents electronic pickpocketing, is sent along with the products.

Google Leather Case Prices

As great gift ideas for both you and your loved ones, Google leather case models will help reflect your style. Choosing a product that contains features to highlight your elegance during the day is always a good idea. The charming soft leather is used in the protection of electronic products.

Leather case models are available and ready for ordering on Your desired product is within your reach with the most affordable price and payment options.