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Leather iPad Air 10.5 inch Cases

Thanks to its thin and robust structure, the product protects your device even against the hardest falls. It is made of thin artificial leather. It has different models designed for horizontal and vertical use. The hard silicone back cover provides the ideal hardness required for a perfect fit for the tablet.

iPad Air 10.5 inch Leather Cases

The magnetic cover covers every part of the device. Thanks to this feature, it helps protect the iPad from scratches, dirt, bumps, and other impacts. Without removing the cover, it is possible to access all slots such as side keys, headphone jacks, and the charger connection. The pen can also be charged and attached to the tablet with the help of the magnet. The corners of the product completely protect the iPad against falls thanks to its anti-impact design elements.

iPad Air 10.5 inch Leather Case Models

The product, which was manufactured using a great mold, fits the device perfectly. The area designated for the camera is extra protective. Its slim structure provides a comfortable experience for the long term. It can be easily attached and removed and is very easy to clean. The iPad Air 10.5 inch leather case, which also can be used as a stand thanks to its foldable body, offers a comfortable user experience. The smart sleep mode feature, on the other hand, allows the device to be immediately put to sleep mode by closing the top cover. The 0.5 mm thickness of the edges is for enabling the smart pens to be easily placed next to the tablet.

iPad Air 10.5 inch Leather Case Prices

In addition to all its features, the product always holds its place among the top-preferred products thanks to its budget-friendly price options. It is possible to own all of the durable and high-quality iPad Air 10.5 inch leather case models at affordable prices and reasonable payment options. It is possible to enjoy a comfortable user experience with the leather case product while complementing your style. Our cases are designed to fit any style, and also serve as stylish accessories that will accompany you in classic, iconic, sporty, and casual lifestyles. It is also a suitable product segment for gifts.