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The Tivole quality brings an exclusive touch to your technological accessories. The common feature all of our products share is the design mindset blending longevity with visual aesthetics. If a classical look is that you seek with your smart watch, these watch accessories will make a great choice. Thanks to the Tivole watch bands, which are compatible with a number of smart watches available in the market, you can use your smart watches without compromising on your classic look and elegance. If you are looking for models where fashion and technology come together, you are at the right place!


With Tivole watch bands, it is now much easier to combine technology with elegance. Thanks to the great visual aesthetics offered by Tivole bands, you can wear your smart watches with your suits, and with all other classic clothes. After the rise of smart phones, smart watches are also used frequently and earned their places among the must-have items of our lives. With the wonderful accessories offered by our company, you can integrate these technological devices into your style!

Tivole Models

Wearing Tivole watch bands is also very easy. Its structure was developed for covering the ease of use in every respect. Its wonderful look has also become new favorites of fashion designers! Thanks to its classic leather appearance, it will easily blend in your style, in your daily life, and match with any outfit.

Like any product in our product range, this one has passed the necessary safety checks completely. The use of any material that has not received approval for quality is not allowed. It is clear that all of our products put on sale comply with national and international quality systems. The feedback from our customers who previously had a Tivole experience is proof of how smooth our sales policy is.

Tivole Prices

Do not let the high quality we are offering mislead you – we also offer a very reasonable price range. Looking at the price range and performance relationship, all we see is a great satisfaction level. For owning this genuine leather product and completing an elegant look, you don’t have to invest a significant amount. You can have a budget-friendly shopping experience by benefiting from our discount periods where the prices are offered at an even more budget-friendly range.