Our Story

We are a family-owned business founded in Boston, USA. Our story began in the capital of fashion, Milan, Italy, where we discovered the amazing Italian leather craftsmanship of our ancestors. As family members who are very interested in fashion and design, we have turned our activities, which we started as a hobby, into a business by establishing a family company, www.venito.com.

Throughout history, leather products have been an enduring feature of almost every era of design and fashion. As technology changed and evolved, it was inevitable that accessory needs would also change over time in line with this development. In the awareness of this fact, we built our product profile mainly on technological leather accessories, but we did not want to limit ourselves to just that.

At Venito, each of our leather goods is meticulously handcrafted, from premium full-grain Italian or Turkish leather, and tailored to perfection by a team of passionate leather artisans. Our goal is to create products having a prestigious, luxurious, and distinctive look for our customers at affordable prices, without compromising on their quality.

Dedicated to bringing our customers fashionable leather accessories for everyday use, we make products ranging from wireless accessories to wallets, bags to smartwatch bands, and much more. We design innovative products for every individual’s needs and tastes. Our design team follows closely both fashion and technology and prepares new collections, which are not only functional but also aesthetic, using their creativity.

Although we are a relatively small and newly established company, the sales network of our products has expanded over wide geography in a short time and we have established a customer network extending from North America to Europe, Australia to India, Africa to the Far East.

In this success, besides the impact of our uniqueness in product quality and designs, we cannot ignore the influence of the special care and importance we attach to our customer service.

Nowadays, we would like to expand our platform network and reach more customers with our reputation that we are proud to have.