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In this age of technology, where a new smart device is included in our lives every day, it is now possible for us to do many things that once could not go beyond a dream. Making smart use of these devices should be a task for each of us. Undoubtedly, smartphones and smartwatches have a special place among these smart devices. Especially if you are fond of outdoor activities, a smartwatch for sports is for you.

Increasing awareness of healthy life contributes positively to the smartwatch market. More and more people need a fitness watch each passing day. It’s a wearable mini-computer tracking and monitoring the health-related metrics when you exercise or perform any outdoor activity. It can measure the distance run or walked, calculate the calorie consumption, measure your heartbeat, and etc. It is now possible to find a fitness watch with more advanced features for even wilder sports and activities. For those hiking in difficult geography, an altimeter, a GPS, stored maps, and music are among these advanced features.

Fitbit is one of the best makers for such fitness tracking devices. It’s possible to find a Fitbit watch with varying features from simple to advanced at different prices in the market. This blog will focus more on Fitbit bands for people having a Fitbit watch rather than the technical details.

Best Fitbit Versa 2 Bands

After the first device in the Versa series was released in 2018, Fitbit introduced Versa 2 in September 2019. It continues to increase its share in the sporty smartwatch market after including Versa 3 in the series last year. This rapid growth paved the way for the Fitbit watch bands market. As in many other smartwatches, the easy band replacement feature is also available in Fitbit smartwatches. Thanks to these interchangeable watch bands, it is now easy to use the same watch for different times and occasions.

Like other leading brands in the sector, Fitbit offers its own Fitbit bands at prices many people wouldn't want to spend. There are, however, third-party brands selling high-quality Fitbit Versa bands and Fitbit Versa 2 bands. If you are in favor of affordable but stylish designs, this blog post may work for you too.

fitbit bands silicone

Silicone Fitbit bands are among the first to come to mind with their suitability for sports use and rich color alternatives. Kmasic Fitbit bands for Versa watches come in two different sizes, which makes them preferable for more people. They are available in a wide variety of colors, so finding the right color matching your outfit would be fun. Besides these pros, there are, of course, some cons restricting the use of silicon Fitbit bands. They are too casual to be worn on occasions requiring more formal or fancier watch bands.

Fitbit bands made of Repreve, which is a recycled fiber obtained from recycled plastic water bottles are becoming popular lately. Fitbit Versa 2 bands having a reflective strip provides additional visibility, making people feel more secure at night. However, I wouldn't recommend these Fitbit bands for heavy workouts as they are not water or sweat-resistant.

Customize Your Fitness Routine with Fitbit Watch Bands

fitbit bands for fitness routine

As we mentioned before, Fitbit smartwatches have many features you will need in your fitness sessions. With Fitbit Versa bands of your choice, you can customize your fitness routines and make it more fun. You can play with the material or colors of Fitbit bands depending on the intensity of your activity, for example. While silicone Fitbit Versa bands would be the right choice for hiking, stylish Fitbit bands would be better for cycling.

Silicone Fitbit Versa bands will not be the right choice for swimming sessions, either. Nylon Fitbit bands, on the other hand, can be confidently used in water as they are water-resistant. Although most people aren’t aware of it, Nylon bands are durable, breathable, and comfortable, especially in warmer weather conditions.

fitbit bands customize look

With a watchband made of stainless steel, you can add up a classy look to your Fitbit watch. Titanium watchbands can be an alternative to stainless steel ones, as they are more comfortable due to their lighter weights. You would feel the difference, especially in longer workout sessions.

Bands made of genuine leather are also suitable for many activities due to their breathable nature and long-lasting durability.

How about customizing all these bands? Wouldn’t it make you feel more special? Although there are different options, laser engraving is the most preferred type of customization. People are now demanding customizable products when buying for themselves or their loved ones. You may try to customize your watch bands in different ways according to the type of sport you do.

Adding Elegance to Sport Accessories

fitbit bands versa

As many of you will agree, most Fitbit Versa 2 bands have pretty ugly appearances. Indeed, it shouldn't be that surprising, considering they are sports accessories. Can you picture yourself with these ugly watchbands in a gorgeous feminine dress? I seem to hear most of you saying no to this question, but the streets, unfortunately, do not confirm this. Streets are full of people who jump out of the gym without caring what the watch straps on their wrists look like.

If you’re one of those who want more awareness on this issue, I recommend leather watch bands for your smartwatches. Like many other areas where it is used, the use of leather in accessories, particularly sports accessories, means elegance. Well, how many brands can you list where you can find charming leather watch bands in the market? I can't think of too many brands, for example. If you think of Apple or Samsung leather cases, let me say you are wrong. Adding elegance to something requires designs made with an artistic spirit.

Venito Leather is a brand that successfully continues its activities in the field of accessories for wireless products. Preferring to use first-class full-grain leather, the company also reflects the artistic spirit of European craftsmen to its products. When these two premium features are combined, we see nothing but an exquisite collection.

fitbit bands tuscany


fitbit bands messina


fitbit bands serena


Venito’s Fitbit watch bands collection has three models: Tuscany, Messina, and Serena. These models, each with their unique features, are designed to be compatible with the Fitbit Versa and Versa 2. If you are one of those who say I would compromise on neither elegance nor quality, let Venito be your new choice.


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