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Most of us have many technological products that make our daily life easier in many ways. In this period when information acquisition, storage, and sharing are of great importance, our smartphones, tablets, and computers rank first among them. Smartwatches, which have been included in these products in the last 10 years, make a significant contribution to the organization of our daily life.

Many companies known as the giants of the technological product market did not neglect to make investments in this field. Samsung made a rapid entry into the smartwatch market with Samsung Gear, which was launched in 2013. Since then, it has increased its share in the market by increasing the variety of smart devices, including the Samsung Watch. Samsung crowned this rapid rise with the Samsung Galaxy Watch released in 2018. Like many other smartwatch manufacturers, Samsung is expanding its product range by adding new features every year.

Samsung watch bands

The widespread use of smartphones has significantly reduced the use of classical watches. People no longer need a watch to check the time as they can easily get this info through their smartphones. However, the innovation of smartwatches has begun to revive this traditional trend. People have started wearing watches again on their wrists, but this time these watches are very smart. Time management and tracking your health status can be considered as their major features. Unlike classic ones, smartwatches attract attention also with their easily replaceable watch bands. This post will mostly be on Samsung watch bands.

Are Samsung Watch Bands Replaceable?

Yes, they are. You can easily customize your Samsung Watch by replacing its strap with different watch bands in various colors and designs. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch or another Samsung Watch, you have options for replacement bands. When you use the right Samsung watch bands for different occasions, you can create the impression that you are wearing a new watch each time. If you’re a frequent participant in outdoor activities, you may wear inexpensive silicone watch bands in different colors each time. And the best thing is that the replacement of the Samsung watch bands is quite practical. Even better than that, watch straps for different Samsung Watch models are mostly the same size.

Samsung’s website briefly defines how to replace their watch bands as follows:

-Slide the strap’s pin (the spring bar) inwards.

Samsung watch bands replacement 1

-Pull the strap away from Samsung Watch’s main part (body).

Samsung watch bands replacement 2

-Insert one side of the pin into the watch’s lug.

Samsung watch bands replacement 3

-Slide the pin inward and connect the strap.

Samsung watch bands replacement 4

I want to underline that I do not mean only Samsung brand watch bands when I say Samsung watch bands. Just like for smartphones, there are many third-party replacement band manufacturers for Samsung Watch worldwide.

Leather Watch Bands to Mix & Match Your Samsung Watch!

With the Tuscany, Messina, and Serena collections, Venito is rapidly proving its presence in the Samsung watch bands industry. It is one of the rare brands that never compromise on quality in leather accessory production. Finding quality genuine leather products can sometimes be challenging in the accessory market where fake leather is commonly used. Especially in online shopping, this difficulty increases even more. How can you tell if the product is made of genuine leather or fake one without touching or smelling it? Well versed in imitating real leather, faux leather goods are not easily distinguishable from the laptop or phone screen. While some customers wouldn't mind this difference, this is a crucial detail for true leather lovers. The safest way for them is to buy from a reputable brand from a trusted website. Venito is a brand where you can safely purchase leather watch bands for your Samsung Watch.

Active and Active 2 are the most recent models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch series. It has been announced that Samsung has updated these smartwatches with improved features in terms of health, communication, and connectivity. The positive influence of this recent change can be seen on increasing sales easily. As the number of Samsung Galaxy Watch sold increases the number of leather bands to mix & match increases too.

Of course, Venito leather watch straps are not limited only to Active and Active 2 Galaxy watches. As being a universal watch strap, Tivole is well compatible with Samsung Gear S3 watches along with many other smartwatches. The bands with standard 22 mm bands have can be used with both Galaxy Gear S3 and Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier. You can make beautiful combinations with your other leather accessories.

Premium Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy

If you own a Samsung Watch, I don’t think you would want to use an ordinary band. Samsung Watches, which are a breakthrough in wearable technology, is now seen as one of the status-defining accessories. You can create your own fashion statement by using your smartwatch with premium watch straps.

When it comes to premium watch straps, leather bands come to mind first for sure. You won't find a better alternative than the ones with leather bands if you want your smartwatch to reflect your elegance. You can be sure that this centuries-old charm of leather will suit your smartwatch very well. Features such as durability, flexibility, and naturalness still make leather the most preferred material in this sector.

As I mentioned above, Venito perfectly combines quality leather with Superior European Craftsmanship. The result is premium quality watch straps that you can enjoy using with your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Let's get to know the collections that we mentioned above only by name.


Samsung watch bands tuscany 2

Designed to be compatible with many major smartwatches, this model has a simple elegance indispensable for classic lovers. Thanks to its wide range of colors, you can create your own fashion statement by combining it with different outfits.


Samsung watch bands messina

It is a wonderful collection that emphasizes simple elegance and has a slightly more feminine character compared to Tuscany.


Samsung watch bands serena

You can get the feeling of wearing a leather bracelet with the double-tour slim designed Serena bands.

Please do not pass without visiting this colorful world of Venito.


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