The Right Choice in Leather Product Preference: Genuine Leather

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Before we start looking for the answer to the question of "which type of leather? let's start with the question of "why leather?".  As someone who operates in the leather industry as a family tradition, the first and most important answer I can give to this question is the passion for leather. Yes, you have not heard wrong, leather, I mean genuine leather, of course, is a passion for many with its unique texture, smell, and high quality. The fact that the real leather beautifies as it gets older, just like special wine, however, is the main factor behind its value and populism.

Although there are occasional changes in usage patterns and designs depending on fashion trends, real leather continues to find its place in a wide range of products, from consumer goods such as clothing and furniture to jewelry as well as home and tech accessories. Which woman wouldn't want to have genuine handbags or makeup bags? Or, who would say "no" to a genuine leather phone case as a birthday gift? I wouldn't, to be honest.

With the development of the textile and polymer industry, very high amounts of artificial fake leather products have been introduced to the market for a long time. So let's move on to the answer to our next question.

What is Genuine Leather and What It Isn't?

The expression of genuine leather, used in many products such as genuine leather phone case, genuine leather wallet, or genuine leather bags, is a general statement showing that the leather used is not fake leather but is made of real animal skin. And unlike what is believed, it does not contain a meaning about the quality of the leather. Please don't be disappointed.  I am not saying that you are buying faux leather when you see the genuine leather tag on any product, all I am trying to say is that this statement alone does not contain much meaning as to whether the product you are buying is of the quality you want.

How to Identify Real Leather Then?

-In this regard, we can, of course, use the product tags first. But, it's certainly not enough. There are millions of imitation products out there. Let's assume you need a genuine leather wallet phone case. Even if you see the right tag on the product, you still need to know the differences between genuine and fake leather.

              Genuine Leather vs Fake Leather

-You can start by touching or even smelling the real genuine wallet phone case you plan to purchase, as it has a less smooth texture with imperfections and unique smell. Although many manufacturers try to mimic the smell of real leather in materials made of faux leather, they are not so successful in hiding the smell of plastics and chemicals they use.

Genuine Leather

-Another useful tip in differentiating the real leather from fake leather is to perform a moisture test. You can apply a tiny amount of water on the product; if it absorbs the moisture quickly, you can be sure of the presence of real leather. Otherwise, you're most probably seeing a perfect imitation.

Genuine Leather

What Happens If You Shop Online?

Let's be honest. Almost none of us would go to a physical store and try to buy leather accessories anymore. Now our shoppings are within the distance of our electronic devices. So how can we be sure that the product we will buy is made of real leather, not a fake one without using any of the above indicators? We can't be 100% sure, let's face it. The best thing we can do in such a case, however, should be choosing a reliable brand from a trusted website.

Venito presents its numerous collections made of full-grain leather, which is considered as the highest quality kind among all real genuine leather types, on its own website,

You can easily find genuine leather men and women accessories, which are stylish and have many different color options, on Venito website.  You can make yourself or your loved ones happy with these exquisite products. Our genuine leather phone case collections bring beauty in the leather and smart technology together.

Genuine Leather vs Fake Leather

Venito Leather Wallet Phone Case Collections

They are the items that we can use safely for the protection of our smartphones. These products provide ultimate protection all around the phone, including the phone's screen. They are carefully followed by genuine leather lovers and each new product line quickly reaches new customers.

We hope this blog helps you with comparing real leather vs fake leather. Please remember that the genuine leather case will be much durable compared to the ones made of faux leather. In addition to being durable, the genuine leather phone case will also contribute to protecting your health. The need for natural products is increasing day by day, where well-being and living a healthy life are so popular.

It would be somewhat incomplete to end this post without mentioning a final difference and warning. Quality is not very cheap. When purchasing genuine leather men and women accessories, get away from there if you see doubtfully low prices.

Of course, we cannot generalize, but the real genuine leather items are always more pricy than the fake ones. The choice is always yours, but treat yourself with quality and healthy products. They always pay back what they cost.


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