Silent and Unconditional Love Behind Us

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There are some special people in everyone's life, they don't like to show themselves a lot, but you know their existence gives you deep confidence and peace. If we could look into the future with more hope, if we could feel brave enough to be able to challenge everybody or everything, it was only possible with this unlimited and unconditional support and love we received from our strong fathers or father-figures in our lives.

The presence of an invisible hand behind us in all the difficulties of life is an incredible fortune. A father's shoulder that you can put your head on is a unique treasure. Although they have no expectations from us, I believe they would be very pleased if we show our gratitude to them for the sacrifices they have made and the support they have given so far. Who wouldn't be? So, are you ready to make 2020 a year your father cannot forget?

So what makes fathers happy?

I guess fathers look at life through a less complicated window than our mothers. Since they normally spend a lot more time outside the house, even spending the whole day with their children can be an unforgettable gift for them. Maybe, just saying "Dad, let's overhaul the garage this week" would be a perfect gift. Or, reminding him of our soccer memories that we enjoyed together in our childhood would make him touched. Perhaps helping him with remembering his warm, calming, and soothing smiles while we were waiting for how he would have reacted with fear when we committed a great misdemeanor, would be the right choice.
Maybe to convey our gratitude to him, reminding how he encouraged us with all his wisdom and common sense just before making big decisions that shaped our future, and how all this made our lives easier. I am sure we can further extend this list, perhaps you can even start creating your own. Whatever your list looks like or whatever the content is, please always remember that your father needs to see your love and gratitude from time to time. Let's at least consider Father's Day as a day that would allow us to do so.

How should we celebrate Father’s Day on COVID-19 days?

Father's Day, which was officially held in the US in 1910 for the first time, is globally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year in most parts of the world, with some exceptions. As we all know, this year is a very overwhelming year all over the world; we are at war with a global pandemic, and many of us have to remain under compulsory house arrest. Although it is a very difficult period, these are the days we can turn into an opportunity to strengthen our family ties. It is possible to make this year unforgettable with a thoughtful Father's Day gift. Our lives are somehow shifting spontaneously and perhaps necessarily towards the digital world order. And the sooner we can adapt to this new order, the more likely we will survive. Maybe the world will (can) never go back to the old order, who knows, maybe we will not be able to say "Dad, let's go to the Yankees' game this Sunday" again, or we will not have the chance to say "Let's go to the "X" restaurant for a dinner, or "X" bookstore and choose a beautiful book for ourselves". Yes, all these are within the possibility. But so what? you don't have to be pessimistic right away. Your dad once said: "it’s OK!, we’ll handle it, do not worry!" with his coolest attitude, remember? Although we cannot go to the match or we cannot choose a book we will read with pleasure from the bookstore, we can still bring the match to our homes and order our favorite dishes or books from online stores. Now we all have tablets and phones carrying the world to our home. We wear smartwatches that follow our heartbeat and blood pressure regularly. As digital materials have become such an indispensable part of our lives, giving electronic accessories to your fathers might be a perfect gift idea. You can find the most suitable gift for them simply by browsing the web a little. My advice here is that you should consider leather accessories that suit men beautifully, as they represent nobility, elegance, and modesty. Venito Leather comes to your rescue on this Father's Day in this regard. Venito has already completed all its Father's Day preparations. If you want to find a wonderful gift that your father would love and never forget, check out our website. We're sure our rich and classy collection will help you to find a good one. By taking advantage of our special Father's Day promotions, we guarantee that you will find affordable yet valuable pieces.

They are very precious to us and we are very thankful that they are in our lives. Happy Father's Day to all fathers and everyone who feels and behaves as a father.

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