Top 5 Best Leather Cases for iPhone Lovers

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Top 5 Best Leather Cases for iPhone Lovers

There are over 100 million iPhone users in the world. If you are one of those lucky ones, I am sure you're aware of the delicate structure of your smartphones. To use your iPhone 12 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, 11 Pro Max, or any previous model longer, you need to have the most protective and stylish phone case. I prefer modern iPhone cases made of premium leather. The most important factor in my choice is that leather is a durable and long-lasting material for sure. But of course, this is not the only reason. Like many other products made of leather, leather phone cases have a classy look, which makes me feel special.

If you want to buy a leather case for your iPhone, but cannot decide between many brands and models on the market, you are at the right place. I've reviewed many elegant leather case models for iPhones, and would like to share the best 5 of them with you.

  1. Venito’s Leather iPhone Cases

While we have nothing to say about Apple's superiority in technology, my preference is for Venito when it comes to leather phone cases. Venito is a special brand that has been able to carry the elegance of first-class Italian and Turkish leather to iPhone cases in the hands of European craftsmen with years of experience.

I've been using leather iPhone 11 Pro Max cases by Venito for almost two years now, and I am very pleased with them. They've developed a beautiful patina over time and still stand very well. I am going to switch to the company's iPhone 12 cases when I upgrade my iPhone.

Venito makes modern iPhone cases in various designs and colors, which could suit many people. It has a very successful design team in creating elegant leather case models without compromising their protective features. High-quality genuine leather outer layer and suede inner lining provide ultimate protection to your iPhone against droppings, bumps, scratches, dust, etc.

Shock-absorbent padding on the back of the Snap-on cases provides better protection and a softer feel. The company’s product range is not limited to snap-on leather phone cases. It also has flip covers and crossbody leather cases. They even have universal phone cases and holsters that can fit various iPhones.


  1. Apple Leather iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Although Apple mostly sells cases made of other materials, they also make leather phone cases for their phones. Since they know the design with every tiny detail more than anyone in the market, their leather cases offer a perfect fit. Like Venito, Apple uses European premium leather in all its leather phone case collections, which adds a touch of elegance. The biggest advantage of Apple for the latest iPhone 12 Pro Cases is that they made these cases compatible with MagSafe Technology. 

Despite all these advantages, the overprice of Apple’s leather cases pushes many people to look for more budget-friendly alternatives. You have to pay at least double the price of most known brands’ products. I am not sure if they are worth that much. I can’t deny their quality products, but there are many third-party brands, which are specialized mostly in leather goods production. You can find similar products for much cheaper prices.


  1. Mujo Full Leather Wallet Cases

This Dutch Company makes classy and protective good-looking leather phone cases. Among its rich collection, I like its Full Leather iPhone 11 Wallet Cases most. They are made of full-grain leather with Japanese microfiber inner lining. Enriched with stylish card slots, they function not only as a protective case but also as a minimalist wallet, holding 1-2 cards. Mujjo always keeps a perfect balance between the looks and protection features of its cases. Although its cases are not too bulky, they still provide decent protection to your smartphones.

  1. Otterbox Strada Series

Although the company is known for bulky rugged protective cases, its Strada series are good examples of leather iPhone 12 Mini cases. This stylish new collection provides ultimate protection against droppings. Another characteristic of these cases is that they are water resistant. As in most products, Otterbox cases pros and cons too. Their prices are higher than average leather phone cases, which limits their use.

  1. Supcase Slim Leather Cases

If you don’t like bulky cases, Supcase Unicorn Beetle might be a good option for you. Besides being slim, classy, and practical, its high-standard protection feature, especially against droppings, makes it a good option for those who are prone to drop their phones very often. 

That ends my list of the 5 best leather cases for iPhone lovers. It's possible to extend the list by addressing different features.  I hope you'll find it useful in making your decision on buying the right iPhone 12 Pro Max cases.

You might have noticed already, but I would like to draw your attention into an important point before I finish my post. Venito covers most of the characteristics of different brands' special features on its iPhone leather case designs. Whether you’re looking for a simple snap-on cover, or folio flip cover, or a crossbody phone case, Venito can provide you with what you need.

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