What are the Best Ways to Clean a Leather Wallet Case?

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Leather wallet cases, which we often prefer to provide sufficient protection for our mobile phone, get dirty very quickly due to heavy use. However, most of us want our gorgeous leather wallet case to live as long as possible and look as good, or even better - as it did on the very first day we've purchased it. Well, how many of us know how to clean leather wallet case? Can we just use any cleaning material or do we need a leather case cleaner? How often do we really need to clean leather wallet case? What are the best leather cleaner and conditioner?

So that you don't struggle with all these questions alone, we've written this article to give you some helpful tips on how to clean leather wallet case. But before starting these, let's examine the following question first.

Why is it Important to Clean Leather Wallet Case?

Best Ways to Clean Leather Wallet Case

First of all, leather wallet cases are not so cheap. Why would you want to waste your money on buying a new case while care and maintenance are possible?

Second, if you are an environmentally conscious individual, you wouldn't want to waste a material that you can easily use for many years just because it gets dirty, right?

Third, leather is a very natural material beautifying as it ages, which all leather lovers are very well aware of. You also wouldn't want to miss this magnificent evolution of your own leather phone case.

The last but not the least, cleaning your leather wallet case, which is in frequent contact with your hand, is among the must-do things of the process in which we struggle with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We have briefly touched on the importance of the subject, now we can go back to our original question:


As with many other topics, we encounter info pollution about how to maintain and clean leather wallet case. You may be somewhat confused by the very different maintenance and cleaning tips that conflict with each other. Well, no panic, we’ll provide you with all the critical leather cleaning and maintenance tips based on the true scientific data.


  1. Please avoid using abbresive chemicals. To clean leather wallet case, do not use a cleaner that you would never use to clean your own skin, as it is made entirely of natural leather.
  2. Avoid over or insufficent moisturizing of your leather case.
  3. After proper cleaning, leave your case for natural drying. Using a microfiber towel would be best to dry it. Exposing it to overheat would give severe damage to your product.

Should I Use Alcohol in Cleaning Step?

No, alcohol and acetone, especially in concentrated forms,  are two chemicals you should stay away from. Even if they work well in disinfecting the germs, none of them is ideal leather case cleaner. Why is that?

best ways to clean leather wallet case

Using acetone, the main chemical in nail polish, would cause discoloration leaving a bleached look large spots in the parts where it’s applied. You wouldn’t want that on your precious leather wallet case, would you?

Using concentrated alcohol, which is verey strong solvent, would even give more harm to leather goods than acetone. It also removes the colors and damage to the finish on leather.

Being said all these, I ashould yet say that you may still use alcohol to clean leather wallet case as long as it is not more concentrated than 30%. Ethyl or isopropyly alchol containing cleaning wipes would be safe to use provided the condition we’ve mentioned above.

Best Way to Clean Phone Case

A mixture of equal amounts of a mild soap and water (distilled water if possible) is a perfect leather case cleaner. While using soap is quite convenient to clean leather wallet case, you should certainly avoid using detergents, as they damage the leather. Soaps containing essentials oils or aloe vera might help to the leather case to get moisturized and prevent future cracking. By the way, do not forget to rinse the soap away. A clean damp cloth would be a good choice to do that. Please perform this rinsing step fast, as over moisturizing the leather is as harmful as insufficient moisturizing.

What are the Best Ways to Clean a Leather Wallet Case?

You can safely use a leather case cleaner, the material produced particularly to clean leather wallet case. They are now available at leather care stores or online retail store selling leather goods.

As we are getting close to end this article, I would like to ask you a question: What do ladies typically do after they clean their hands with soap? They use qood quality conditioners to complete the cleaning and care session. Just as like that, your leather wallet case deserves to be treated by the best leather cleaner and conditioner. They are sometimes called leather cream or leather moisturizer. Please gently and evenly apply them to your leather case once in a while (around each two months would be enough for regular usage, but if you work or stay  under extreme conditions, you should apply it more often than that). If you don’t know what to use as the best leather cleaner and conditioner, look for a known brand.

Will Regular Cleaning be Enough to Kill Viruses or Bacteria?

Even if you clean your leather case with soap and water or by a leather case cleaner regularly, you might not be able to get enough disinfection or sanitizing. If you want to have something beyond that and feel more confident about the germs, viruses and bacteria, you may consider trying a UV sanitizer. They use the UV light in the wavelength that gives no harm to humans. Therefore, you can confidently use it. They are proven to effectively kill the harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria. Please remember to use the best leather cleaner and conditioner after applying UV sanitizing to your leather wallet phone case.

Remember that your leather goods pay you back what you invest for them. So, treat them well..


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