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How to Clean iPhone Screen?

How to Clean iPhone Screen?

October 21, 2020

On the user side, perhaps the essential part of an iPhone is its screen. Well, the user performs all kinds of operations with their iPhone through the screen. In other words, we can say that the most intense physical contact occurs on the phone screens. Apple uses a water and oil resistant screen on iPhones, so there is not much need for frequent cleaning of the screen under normal conditions. Nevertheless, occasional cleaning of the screen both increases the clarity of the screen and helps the phone to be functional for a longer time.

When you clean iPhone screen, the following tips might be helpful.

The Best Way to Clean iPhone Screen

- Using a clean lint or dye-free cloth is the ideal and best way to clean Apple screen.

How to Clean iPhone Screen Cloth

- You should keep the abrasive cleaners away from the phone, as they can damage the oil-resistant feature of the phone screen and eventually shorten its life.

- You can use bleach-free disinfecting wipes. The wipes with low alcohol content are also safe to use (make sure to use the ones with less than 70% alcohol).

Protecting iPhone Screen

Protecting your iPhone screen against various factors is as necessary as cleaning it. To protect iPhone screen, the first product that comes to mind is undoubtedly a phone case. Cases made of quality materials protect iPhone screen against drops, cracks, dusts, and etc. So, you may wonder how to clean mobile phone case? Depending on the material used in its manufacture, it is possible to clean mobile phone case in various ways. We will particularly discuss how to clean leather phone case in detail below.

How to Clean iPhone Screen Fano 2


Using an additional screen protector might help you to protect iPhone screen for sure. There are many kinds of screen protectors, but the ones made of tempered glass, particularly with dual-layer, are used much more frequently than other kinds.

How to Clean iPhone Screen Having a Protector?

The tips I mentioned above that I think will be useful in cleaning the iPhone screen are also valid in case of using a tempered glass protector. Using a slightly damp lens cloth might be the best option to clean iPhone screen with a protector. Although the presence of a protective layer on the screen bothers some, we have no chance to suggest a better alternative to protecting the iPhone screen, at least for now.

What to do to Disinfect Mobile Phones against the Corona Virus?

All the cleaning recommendations we have mentioned so far may not be sufficient in today's extreme conditions. For our phones we are in constant contact with, we need a more comprehensive disinfection process beyond a standard cleaning because we all know that the new coronavirus live on surfaces for hours or days. While cleaning the dust once or twice a week was enough before the pandemic, we need more effective methods in these difficult days when we are dealing with the coronavirus. However, knowing the correct cleaning of your mobile phone or phone case is very critical for the life of your device. Some people tend to over clean iPhone screen with the wrong cleaners and give damage to their phones. Please don't fall for the mistake most people make. Do not use a cleaner such as Windex or Lysol, as if you were cleaning any glass surface, as this will damage your screen much more in the long run. If you want to reduce the need to clean iPhone screen, you may also consider having flip cases, which keep the phone screen covered all the time when not in use.

How to Clean iPhone Screen Corona

I want to inform you about a safe disinfection method: Sanitizing with a UV Sanitizer. With a small investment, you can own a UV sanitizer and disinfect both your phone and the mobile phone case you use to protect it. The UV light used does not emit any harmful radiation, so you can safely use it to clean mobile phone case or the phone itself. While using a UV sanitizer is quite safe, you should never use compressed air to disinfect or clean iPhone screen.

Do we need any special treatment to clean leather phone case?

Due to their durability and stylish appearance, leather covers are among the most sought-after products in the phone case market. However, as with all leather products, cleaning the leather phone cases requires extra care. It is quite different from silicone covers that you can easily clean by washing with soap or detergent. So please avoid using soap or cleansers, as such chemicals can remove the natural oils in the leather used to maintain the material in good condition. Besides, using soap may also expedite the leather’s drying out or cracking, so just stick with water. A soft damp cloth would be enough to clean leather phone case.

In short, do not risk your phone while protecting your health, and do not lose your health while protecting your phone. Proper cleaning will help you keep both. We hope that the tips we’ve provided will benefit you in this regard.

Stay safe and healthy!


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