How to Clean Iphone Screen in the Covid-19 Era?

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Although the cleaning of mobile phones, one of the most frequently used items of daily life, has always been necessary for those who care about hygiene, this issue is now vital for everyone due to COVID-19.

Kate Murphy, a NY Times reporter, shared the results of a study by Dr. Guerrero, a specialist in infectious diseases at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota. In their article about the persistence of bacteria on iPads published in the American Journal of Infection Control (November 2013), they emphasized that your mobile device is something you want to clean regularly. “Those devices can be a source of disease transmission is not a subject of debate anymore,” added Dr. Dubert Guerrero. They concluded that regularly wiping your device with a moist microfiber cloth was enough to eliminate the common bacteria.

Getting rid of more enduring bacteria or flu viruses, however, may require using bleach or alcohol-containing cleaning agents, they added.

The controversy starts here. The major mobile device brands warn their customers against using some chemicals in cleaning their devices. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s approach in this matter.

How to Clean iPhone Screen?

Apple officially warns against using window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives to clean its products. To clean iPhone screen:

  • Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth – for example, a lens cloth would be a good choice.
  • You may use warm soapy water if the material is persistent.

There is a contradiction. Even though Apple seems against using alcoholic wipes to clean iPhone screen, Apple Stores sell 32-percent isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol and water mixture might be an ideal solution to clean iPhone screen said Martha Gray, a Wallmart worker. She makes her home-made solution by mixing 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in 1:1 ratio. You should avoid using either paper towel or Q-tips to clean your iPhone screen, she adds. You also never should spray directly onto the screen. Try using lightly moisten a lint-free cloth, preferably microfiber, to get the best results.

Using a UV sanitizer might be an alternative to clean iPhone screen if you’re supergermophobic. You can take a look at our post titled “Killing Coronavirus with UV Light in COVID-19 Pandemic Days” for more info.

Although Apple doesn’t recommend to use compressed air to clean iPhone screen, it would help with maintaining the look, performance and value of your phone. The infiltration of dust and particles can be eliminated by this, which would prevent the electronics from getting damaged.

There are manufacturers selling washable screen protectors for mobile devices. iSmooth, BodyGuardz, Moshi, and Boxwave are only the ones coming to our minds first. To clean iPhone screen having a washable protector would be much easier.

Although it should not be an obsession, wiping down your iPhone with a moist microfiber cloth at least daily for basic sanitation and upkeep are strongly advised by health and electronics experts.

Best Way to Protect iPhone Screen

Purchasing a new phone, or even repairing the one you’re using, is quite expensive. This is even more expensive if you have an iPhone and have spent a small fortune to get it. So, learning how to minimize the risk of damaging it is of great importance. Let’s then try to summarize the ways to protect your iPhone, especially to protect iPhone screen.

-Keep your iPhone in a durable phone case. I know, some of you hate this idea, as it kills the beauty of its look. But this is what you have to do to protect your phone against the sudden accidents coming out of nowhere. You can opt for something both durable and elegant: leather phone cases to protect iPhone screen.

While they can protect your phone against dust, droppings, scratches, and etc, the classic elegancy of leather adds to your phone’s appearance. You can make charming and eye-catching combinations with your outfit.

Please keep in mind that, however, you need to give extra care to clean leather phone case. Since leather is a natural product, you should certainly avoid using excessive amount of chemicals to clean leather phone case.

  • Use a screen protector. Even though the phone cases provide good protection to your phone, most of them do not protect iphone screen. How do they work? The most of the impact, in the event of an unfortunate drop, will be absorbed by the screen protector, which means that it will crack before the actual screen does. It’s that simple.
  • Buy an insurance. There is not much to say something about it. It’s always smart, yet expensive, to buy an additional insurance to protect your phone.

Disinfect Mobile Phone against the Corona Virus

We have listed many suggestions to clean iPhone screen above. But, cleaning itself might not be enough in COVID-19 era. It is well known that the novel coronavirus may be able to live on surfaces for hours or even for days. So, sanitizing or disinfecting mobile devices against viruses and bacteria is becoming a main concern for many. Leaving the details on this subject to our earlier post, I just would like to remind e few significant steps.

-Clean your mobile phone regularly.

-Avoid using abbresive chemicals in doing so.

- Alcohol and bleach-free wipes might be a good solution to clean the mobile phone case.

-The best way to clean the apple screen is to simply use moisten microfiber cloth.

-Using UV sanitizers are sure one of the safest way to clean mobile phone case.

Once again, as Dr. Guerrero said, “Your mobile device is something you want to clean regularly,” just like your toothbrush. Don’t ignore it for the sake of your health.


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