The Venito Way to Wear Your iWatch: Leather Apple Watch Bands

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Apple Watches undoubtedly have a special place among smartwatches, which have become more and more indispensable devices of the modern world. While this tiny device keeps you in touch with your loved ones, it also tracks your health. Apple seems to have managed to integrate technology into a mini-computer similar to our conventional watches. This mini wonder not only comes with superior tech features but also fancy accessories like Apple watch bands that are fitting for various tastes.

Moreover, Apple Watch bands are designed in a way that is extremely easy to change. By watch bands of different colors and features, you can make your iWatch suitable for any occasion. For all kinds of sports activities, including swimming, you may prefer Apple Watch bands made of water and sweat-resistant materials. Or, you can capture the spirit of the environment by one of your leather bands for a business meeting. Yet another day you can wear your iWatch with top-notch metal watch bands and create a different perception. And you are not limited to the original Apple Watch bands in this regard. There are now many third-party manufacturers of Apple Watch bands for every taste and budget. They make all sorts of bands for your iWatch ranging from sport Apple Watch bands to leather Apple Watch bands.

Best Apple Watch Bands for 2021

In fact, the expression we use in this subtitle is a very general expression. "The Best Apple Watch Bands" will change as the intended use and location of the smartwatches change. While silicone watch bands are the best ones for work-outs, leather Apple Watch bands are best for office use.

Silicone watch bands are very attractive because of their high resistance to different weather conditions. Besides, they are usually sold at affordable prices and in a variety of colors. These features make them very suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities, thus ideal for various work-out sessions. With their unique designs, IYOU, NIKE, and NOMAD are the leading brands in silicone Apple Watch bands market.

apple watch bands silicone

Metal watch bands can transform the device on your wrist into a luxurious stylish traditional watch. You can leave behind the casual look silicone bands add to you with a metal classy metal watch band. The SECBOLT’s Apple Watch bands would lift up your outfit and can transform you into a complete fashion icon.

apple watch bands metal

Leather watch bands are another way of looking highly fashionable, and Venito is the prominent brand in this category. Venito continues its successful rise in the leather accessories market by adding leather Apple Watch straps to its collection. The most important factor behind Venito's success is to have products suitable for all occasions with rich designs and colors. Apple Watch series 6 bands made by Venito are compatible with all Apple Watch series, which makes them very useful. The bands come with high-quality stainless-steel connectors in four different color options: gold, silver, rose gold, and black. Blue and red connectors have been recently added to certain models after Apple introduced red and blue smartwatches.

apple watch bands leather

How to Change Apple Watch Band?

Since Apple Watch case sizes are various, make sure you purchase the right size replacement band for your iWatch. There are basically 4 different case sizes for Apple Watches: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm. In general, you can use the bands designed for 38mm and 40mm interchangeably. Similarly, bands for 42mm and 44mm work perfectly with each other.

Well, how easy to replace Apple Watch bands? Are there any special skills or tools required to do that? Not really. There are band release buttons on each side of the back of the Apple Watch's case.

  •  Please press these buttons and swap the band out to remove it.
  • Then slide the new band in from the bottom-right of your Apple Watch's case.

This ease of band change encourages many people to use different watch bands.

Leather Apple Watch Bands for Women, Men, and All

Leather is a material that is highly preferred in accessories due to its durability, naturalness, and flexibility. Besides, it adds up to the overall appearance of the accessory by its aesthetic look. The use of leather in watch bands is very old. Although there are watch bands made of different leather types, those made of full-grain leather is the most popular ones. It is possible to see the same trend in the bands designed for smartwatches. Venito offers a large variety of Apple Watch series 6 bands. While Tuscany and Messina are best for classic lovers, Ancona and Serena are ideal for those looking for a difference.

With its original classic design, Tuscany smartwatch replacement bands were created to give you the elegance of classiness and simplicity. This unisex design will add a different touch to all your outfit from casual to fancy.

apple watch bands tuscany

With a slim classic design and a feminine touch, you can level up your elegance by Venito's Messina watch bands.

apple watch bands messina

Serena double-wrap Apple Watch Series 6 bands offer you the exquisiteness of wearing a stylish leather bracelet. If you are a bit bored with traditional designs, Serena and Savona bands will be just perfect for you.

apple watch bands serena


apple watch bands savona

If you don't want compromise neither technology nor nostalgia, Ancona bands with 70s fashion handcuff design are just for you.

apple watch bands ancona

Excellent in design and craftsmanship, Livorno double wrap bands jeweled with sparkling rhinestones will give your look a big boost.

apple watch bands livorno

Venito has other models for Apple Watch series 6 bands including Sessa, Sarno, Forio, Como, Taranto, Perugia, Foggia, and more.

Your chances of finding such different colors and designs elsewhere are pretty low.

What Makes Venito Leather Smartwatch Bands So Special?

As explained in other blogs you can read on this site, Venito is a quality and customer-oriented company. At Venito, quality is never compromised in any product, regardless of the cost. When first-class leather is combined with first-class European craftsmanship, it is unthinkable that the products that come out are different. At Venito, every customer is considered a VIP, and a special effort is made to the satisfaction of each.

You can select a watch band for yourself or your loved ones from this wonderful collection for different occasions. We would also like to remind you that you can make great combinations with other leather accessories that will match your iWatch replacement bands.


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