Make the Mother's Day Memorable in 2020

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There are many special holidays throughout the year, no doubt, each of them has its meaning and importance unique to themselves. But there is one among them which almost none of us want to be indifferent to; we get excited as the time approaches, and we rack our brains on how we can spend that day happier and more productive. Yes, you are not mistaken, of course, I'm talking about Mother's Day: the day dedicated to our beloved mothers, or to those we feel as close as our mothers, moreover to motherhood itself.

Celebrated in different days and formats for a very long time in different parts of the world, Mother's Day continues to be celebrated with great enthusiasm in most countries on the second Sunday of May since the beginning of the 1900s. Behind the dedication of such a special day to mothers and the sacredness of motherhood, there is a desire to convey little gratitude to the infinite love and sacrifice that the mothers show without discrimination to all their children and even to all humanity. Preparing special surprises for them on Mother's Day does not mean limiting our gracefulness to a single day of the year, as some claim. On the contrary, perhaps it can be seen as an opportunity to fulfill a mission we neglect, in the hustle and bustle of life, with little effort. So what is the best way to express this? I guess no one thinks there is only one way to do so. In this challenging time, which we all have to stay in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what can we do to make our mothers happier? Below are a few activities and gift ideas that I have tried to compile for you.

Mother's Day 2020 - Cooking with mum

If you live near your mother, you can go to visit and spend your whole day together by doing activities that you both love, provided that you maintain social and physical distance. This may be watching a movie your mother chooses or preparing a nice dinner or a special dessert together.

But if the conditions do not allow this, it is still possible to make your mother happy by making a video call. You may even try to spend time as if you were together by doing the same activities in different places. The idea of presenting a slide show with the photographs of your childhood should also be among your alternatives. Undoubtedly, it would be a wonderful gift that no mother can say no to see the memories of the beautiful days she has spent with her children.

Mother's Day 2020 - Flowers

In addition to all these subtle thoughts, giving or sending a nice gift to her would help make this day permanent in your memories. If there is still an open flower house near you, a bouquet made of the flowers she loves or a terrarium specially prepared for her will be unarguably the purest and the most exquisite Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day 2020 - Gift Ideas from Venito

Although each of the activity and gift ideas we have mentioned so far is special, it may be thought by some of you that they are very ordinary. If this is the case, we can also offer a few ideas that you may not think of in the first place. If your mother is a tech lover, for example, you may search for electronic accessories that will be custom-made just for her. Maybe you can think of a stylish smartwatch band, or maybe a leather phone case personalized with a small message that would make your mother be moved. You may even find matching pieces and create eye-catching gift sets for them. Considering how much time we spend with our phones or smartwatches these days when we can't get out of our homes, it should not be so difficult to guess how suitable they can be as a better gift option.

Mother's Day 2020 - Elegantly packaged gift ideas

With its specially designed and premium quality leather electronic accessories and exceptional customer service, Venito Leather is proud to be at your service in this regard. Make sure you check out our Mother's Day special promotions before you finalize your gift selection.

You can also enlarge this list using your creativity. Remember, instead of an item that everyone can find anywhere, gifts with personalized touches are always more desirable. Please also remember that your mother deserves the best!

Happy Mother's Day to all who feel and behave like a mother who adds color to our worlds with the compassion and the love within their hearts!

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