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Killing Coronavirus with UV Light in COVID-19 Pandemic Days

Killing Coronavirus with UV Light in COVID-19 Pandemic Days

May 30, 2020

Why disinfectant use is not the right choice when combatting the invisible enemies?

The cleaning and hygiene habits of many have started to change with rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemics. Although increasing awareness of hygiene is a very positive development, the possibility of encountering new health issues due to excessive disinfectant use seems inevitable. Let's try to understand together what disinfectants are and how they work without going into very technical details. First of all, they all are chemical substances we use for inactivating or destroying the microorganisms on the surfaces. All disinfectants work by destroying the cell wall of microbes or interfering with their metabolism. There are many chemical agents designed and used for this purpose, with different efficiencies. Finding a disinfectant that acts simultaneously against all microorganisms is not so easy, however. Some work with viruses perfectly while some other work with bacteria. So, we need to know whether the products we buy are more effective against viruses or bacteria.

Well, is that all we need to know? Let's say we’ve made the right disinfectant selection in this regard. So what's next? Correct use in the right dose. I am sure most of you encounter people who use sanitizer at every single opportunity they find. However, as long as accessing water and soap is possible, it’s better to avoid excessive disinfectant use that may irritate especially on eyes, skin, and airways. We should even keep in mind that some chemicals used for this purpose have carcinogenic effects. So let's follow the rules of hygiene, but be careful not to make it an obsession. Remember, you can never be over-protected, viruses have always been a part of our lives, and they will always be.

Items we should avoid using disinfectants to clean

We should avoid using typical disinfectants with some of our personal belongings, which we use very often because we are concerned that these chemicals would damage either the goods itself or the paint, accessories, etc. used. Leather products are the leading ones of these items. Bags, purses, wallets, phone cases, and watch bands, each of which are part of our daily lives, are the first pieces that come to mind in this context. Due to their frequent use, they are more prone to viral or bacterial infections thus their regular disinfection is very, very important, especially during widespread viral outbreaks like the one we are going through these days.

The safest way of protecting against viruses: UV Lights

I seem to hear you asking if there is a different sanitizing method that we can use more safely without being exposed to excessive chemicals. The use of UV light as a sanitizer is a well-known method that kills 99.9% of germs or destroys their DNA so that they can no longer reproduce. UV (Ultraviolet) light having higher energy (shorter wavelength) compared to the visible zone lights, is invisible to the human eye. I am sure many of you have heard of its accelerating effect on aging so far. For this very reason, many of us use special creams and lotions to protect our skin against the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. Therefore, you may be wondering the answer to the following question, just as I once wondered: how can UV rays be used as an effective disinfectant as we are trying to protect our skin against it. How can we balance its pros and cons?

The Spectrum of Visible & Non-Visible Light

The image above perfectly clarifies this aspect. There are three different UV-rays emitted by the sun, each of which has a different energy. UVA and UVB easily reach us, passing through the atmosphere, and they are the ones responsible for sunburns, wrinkles, aging, etc. On the other hand, the ozone layer absorbs the UVC rays just before they reach the earth's surface. So we don't have any contact with this type of UV spectrum, explaining our unfamiliarity with it.

Utilizing the UV-lights in sanitizing

UV sanitizers, which we are more accustomed to seeing in the healthcare industry, perhaps some of us may never even have seen it, utilize those UVC rays that do not reach us under normal conditions. UV sanitizers, whose disinfectant properties have been known since the late 1800s and have been scientifically proven many times since then, come to the fore in COVID-19 days and are considered to be used more safely than conventional chemical agents. These tiny devices recommended to be used by specialists in the disinfection process of large spaces, can be used reliably by everyone in disinfecting the personal belongings. The intensity of the UV rays that we will use with our small household goods is not high enough to pose any health threat, and it is a safe alternative that we can use with peace of mind. No need to be a hygiene freak, taking the necessary precautions in this regard, and increasing our knowledge and awareness on this issue would be enough.

Safe shopping at Venito Leather

For you to continue your shopping with peace of mind in COVID-19 days and to use the leather products you purchase without hesitation, Venito Leather has recently started to subject its products to UV sanitizing process before they are packed. Our company, which regularly follows the innovative technologies in the leather accessories industry, has the rightful pride in leading the sector in this regard.

As the Venito family, we wish all our customers to survive this challenging process healthily and safely.


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Since we care about your health, we disinfect all our products with a UV Sanitizer before they are packed to provide you with better hygiene conditions and protect you against viruses and bacteria.